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4Service Holdings GmbH

is an international research holding with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria.The year 2001 was the beginning of the company’s activities which had the aim of improving the quality of life for its customers and people who interact with the business, buy its services and consume its products. After all, it was not by chance that the name “Forservice” was chosen for a company, which represents customer service and good quality.


This was the start of the history of 4Service in Kiev,Ukraine as the leading provider of mystery shopping services. It has continued to operate successfully as a research company across 52 countries with new opportunities in a holistic approach to analyzing and improving the entire customer experience chain (CX).

You can see the detailed creation and transformation of our company here 

О компании
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Our destination

We follow our clients providing them with the necessary leverage for their endeavors and development while minimizing the risks of mistakes and financial losses.   We build bridges of understanding between businesses and the consumer and knock down any barriers to communication.We help get answers to more complex tasks as well as assess positioning on the market and the general market situation.

The purpose of our brand is to give our customers a solid support and help them push against the mainstream methods of building a profitable business in order to achieve service growth, increase clients and improve employee loyalty! Our activities can be divided into four areas Four support areas of our activity that allow you to explore and improve the entire range of brand interaction with the consumer from the first contact to the post-sale interaction:

Our 4 pillars of customer experience management



Confidence in strategic decisions Savings budgets when launching products/brands. Seeing your place in the market through trends. Clear understanding consumers and competitors



The fulfillment of standards. Identification and correction of errors. Service improvement.



Digital technologies. Innovative and smart development. A non-standard approach



The interpretation of results. Necessary changes in business processes. Inspiration: source of new business ideas with wide opportunities/a source of growth

Mission and values

Our mission is to improve customer service all over the world! Our inspiration is the qualitative changes we see in the people and companies we work with.

We are changing and we aim to change the world around us, but our five values remain unchanged. These values are:


Honesty is our alter ego and this is the strength of our character. We trust our customers and employees. Our word as well as our research is made up of only truthful data. We ask direct questions in all situations and expect sincere answers.


Business development is impossible to imagine without the development of employees. We are one big family. With each client we have our own love story, during which the profitable ideas and effective solutions are born. Ethics and humanity characterize our behavior.


We are greedy for new knowledge and efficiency. We constantly increase human and financial resources. We always strive for long-term partnership. Leadership is in our blood.


We always strive to be closer to our customers. We want to surround them with attention in order, to bring the maximum benefit possible. Our task is to respond to all their requests as quickly as possible and to become a support for their development.


In continuous development, the desire to achieve more than is real. We challenge non-standard approaches and, new technologies to get the best for our clients.

About us

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What our clients get


Team of narrow-specialized analysts prepare reports containing recommendations for specific business requests. We have the capacity to launch any ad hoc project within 7 days. Quality control: 100% validation of the data. We are also constantly updating our anti-fraud systems. We work at the analytical platforms number 1 Shopmetrics in the world and use specialized software:, Oktell, Surveo. We have our 2 own "live" call center. Proprietary methods and deep immersion in client specifics allow us to provide you with insights and valuable conclusions.


We work through problems and identify weak zones. We are working on alternative methods and necessary changes in our internal processes. Each client has a personal account manager assigned to them and we offer each of our clients round the clock support alongside mandatory consultations, recommendations and strategic advice.


We use the work experience we have gained in 52 countries with other clients to be able to flexibly react to situations.


We form the project design from resources and tools that ensure us to solve the problem as simply and efficiently as possible, while also applying Service Design and Customer Journey Mapping.


Services for managing customer loyalty are provided in real time. We also have a very innovative approach when it comes to analytics: using trend analysis, an a loyalty calculator, an associative perception of customer service to broaden subjective impression of a client. We implement video analytics as well.


Cooperation with Renault

The goal of the program is to evaluate and increase the performance of service staff at RENAULT NISSAN authorized dealers’ network. One of 4Service project tasks is to find owners of Renault Nissan vehicles (no more than 7-9 years old) who can visit repair centers. RENAULT NISSAN can recommend 4Service as a reliable and qualified partner

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Cooperation with OREA HOTELS

One of 4Service project tasks is to find local and foreign tourists who can visit the Hotel alone or with a family and evaluate the service. During this time the services provided by 4Service Holdings were at the high level and the response to our requests came in time and with maximum professionalism.

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Cooperation with Lukoil

We conducted an assessment of customer service quality using the Mystery Shopper program in the Lukoil petrol station chain, as well as the competitor evaluation.

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