Cooperation with Jameson

Using the Mystery Shopper method, we checked whether: the employees at the outlets told customers about the products on promotion; the employees at the outletsь suggested the products on offer to the customers and how exactly they did that; the employees at the outlets explained the promotion and gave gifts to customers.

Jameson is a blended Irish whiskey produced by the Irish Distillers subsidiary of Pernod Ricard. Introduced in 1780

The number of establishments where the promotion was held: only 15%

Mystery Shopping showed that the expectations set up for employees across the venues did not correlate with reality

Cooperation with Socar

We conducted a quantitative survey by interviewing all office and front line staff at the gas stations; analyzed the results of the survey; identified further development areas for the company.

Socar is fully state-owned national oil and gas company headquartered in Baku, Azerbaijan. It owns fuel filling station networks under the SOCAR brand in Azerbaijan,Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Romania and Switzerland. Founded in 1992

We have identified what employees are to increase their loyalty satisfied and unsatisfied with as well as what needs to be improved and

We gave recommendations for further improvement and development

Cooperation with Karcher

Using Mystery Shopping we: compared the level of customer service provided in their outlets in 2018 and 2019; measure objective and subjective indicators regarding individual outlets and throughout the European region; сreated a forecast model for sales growth linked to the quality of customer service in stores.

Kärcher is a German family-owned company that operates worldwide and is known for its high-pressure cleaners, floor care equipment, parts cleaning systems, wash water treatment. Founded in 1935

The number of respondents associate Karchers store with the highest level of customer service: 94%

Brand reputation and customer expectations strongly influence the subjective perception of service quality.

Cooperation with METRO

We created a comprehensive project in which we conducted a study measuring the following: Shopping behavior in the supermarket; Analysis of brand awareness and visits to supermarkets; Determination of the choice of supermarket: reasons, important factors

Metro is a German multinational wholesale/cash and carry group based in Düsseldorf. It was established in 1964.

The company received recommendations from us on how to retain their customer base and its growth

The hypotheses about the importance of price as a stimulating factor for different categories of customers were checked

Cooperation with Burger King

Using Mystery shopping program we measured: the implementation of standards (consolidated average weighted result of all survey sections); emotional performance (courtesy and friendliness of staff, staff competence, speed of service, sales-aiming activity, interior).

Burger King is an American multinational chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. Founded in 1953 in Miami (Florida)

Additional sales increased by 20-25%

Employees started to work harder and sell more

Cooperation with HYUNDAI MOTORS

The tasks assigned to 4SERVICE includes both offline and online mystery shopping, customer journey mapping and telephone mystery calls. 4Service team has implemented comprehensive and customized programs in close cooperation with our company. During the cooperation period, 4SERVICE were at a high level and the response to our requests came in time and with maximum professionalism.

Cooperation with Lukoil

We conducted an assessment of customer service quality using the Mystery Shopper program in the Lukoil petrol station chain, as well as the competitor evaluation.

Cooperation with OREA HOTELS

One of 4Service project tasks is to find local and foreign tourists who can visit the Hotel alone or with a family and evaluate the service. During this time the services provided by 4Service Holdings were at the high level and the response to our requests came in time and with maximum professionalism.

Cooperation with Renault

The goal of the program is to evaluate and increase the performance of service staff at RENAULT NISSAN authorized dealers’ network. One of 4Service project tasks is to find owners of Renault Nissan vehicles (no more than 7-9 years old) who can visit repair centers. RENAULT NISSAN can recommend 4Service as a reliable and qualified partner

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