Alina Andreieva

Director of Business Development


Having 12 years of experience in the market research and Mystery Shopping industries, I have constantly been on the look out for innovations and modern trends. Together with my team, we not only use global market experience but also create our own unique approach. Our innovations, like the Emotional Index, Personal Approach Score (PAS), expectation measurement, have all been based on long-term research around customer behavior.

Working with the 4Service Group, I lead customer service standards elaboration, motivation systems development, trainings and consultancy projects.

Since 2013, I have been responsible for developing business in European and Caucasus countries. I workedtwo years as the operations director of 4Service International and the director of 4Service Club. This experience gave me the knowledge and ability to help businesses and our clients and to provide the best solutions and design projects with maximum efficiency.  

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