1.1 I hereby grant 4Service Holdings GmbH, and all 4Service Holdings GmbH processors, namely: Google Analitycs an authority to process my personal data for the following purposes:

 improve client services (It allows a more effective response to the requests from clients);

 personalization of Users’ experience. It allows to determine who is more interesting in services);

 improve the Site. (It allows to improve the quality of products and services, convenience of their use, develop new Services enhance our products and services);

 communicate with User with newsletters, marketing or promotional materials and other information that include our news, updating, information about services with the remark on the instruction how to refuse from receiving follow-up emails.

 carry out statistical and other kinds of research and analysis based on anonymized data.

 provide personalized services to the User and perform agreements and contracts;

 participate of the User in various projects implemented by us through the Site, responding to queries addressed by User through the Site, research, maintenance of accounts and records and the promotion of services.

1.2 I am aware that I may withdraw my consent at any time by using form Withdrawal Form for User – Data Subject Consent Withdrawal Form.

1.3. This consent is informed and freely given.

1.4. I am aware of all information that 4Service Holdings GmbH has provided me with earlier in the appropriate Privacy Notice Form (Users of the Web-Site).

1.5. I am aware, that I can realize all and any of my rights as a data subject regarding processing my personal data on the basis of this Consent by clicking the respective buttons in the Privacy policy.

1.6. The personal Data, that shall be processed is as follows:

1.7. I give this consent according to my free will and I understand the aims and details of the process of processing my personal data on the basis of this Consent.

I give my consent

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