HR-bot solves 4 main tasks: Practice and Reality

Recruitment, rotation, adaptation and training, as well as assessing employees is a constant struggle for companies. With the expansion of companies and the commencing of new projects, workplaces become stressful and the workload of employees within the HR department increases. They needed to process resumés, update segment databases and conduct interviews, amongst other tasks. What should companies choose when faced with the question to increase staff numbers or implement the HR bot?

Endless possibilities

The HR bot-is a new creation by IT developers. The bot works around the clock, allowing companies to solve all their HR problems and get answers to business issues. 

Recruitment automation through a chatbot allows companies to build a “conversation” with applicants. The bot is able to conduct surveys, questionnaires, interviews and sends the recruiter a breakdown of applicants and their answers as well as scheduling interviews. This also significantly reduces the number of recruiters as well as reducing costs and minimizes staff rotation.

Automation of personnel adaptation enables chatbots to fill spaces in HR departments and reduce the period of adaptation needed. They can trigger automatic mailing, provide employees with useful information and generally contribute to making processes more efficient.

Automation of personnel training makes it possible to collect training materials in a single database and can be accessed by smartphone. Online training programs relieve the burden on HR employees and reduce company costs.

Automation of applicant testing through the HR bot streamlines the recruitment process as the bot can analyse completed forms, conduct audio testing and provide results.

Modernization and payback

The main functionality of the HR bot does not require improvements or constant updates.

You can attach the HR-assistant to your Facebook page, as well as to the messenger provided by several other social media platforms (eg Viber, Vkontakte, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.) as well as to the company’s website.

Nevertheless, the issue of keeping the HR bots up to date is always relevant.  It is necessary to keep the bots under observation when conducting recruitment or training processes, which can be automated. Speeding up the process of information processing, ensures financial returns for the company. 

The payoff of the HR bot is not measured by the number of dialogues conducted but by the number of applications processed or vacancies closed. Companies can draw comparisons between the amount of time taken for a bot to process applications and human employees and also the costs incurred by human staff versus the bot. 

When launching a recruiter bot, the company operates with information about the number of interviews and other actions that it has made in real-time. This also ables the companies to calculate cost savings in monetary and timing terms.

The choice must be right

4Service Group offers several services aimed at improving the implementation of the HR bot: 

● we select a separate project team,

● we provide free demo version of the bot,

● we create feedback scripts,

● we conduct tests using 4Service resources and surveys to remove the NPS index,

● we provide security (password login, contract),

● we offer a direct communication channel with HR.

4SERVICE HOLDING is one of the Top 10 European CX agencies and implements digital solutions for international communication projects on an internal and external basis for clients active in the social media, marketing and public sector spaces.

ADVANTAGES: Control, simplicity, analytics, involvement, consistency, price.

Take advantage of the experience and work with our specialists. 

Let’s create the HR bot together!


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