Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated system that contains pre-recorded voice messages.

This solution allows you to remind and report on the following:

  • the amount of payable on the loan
  • any overdue receivables
  • any changes in payment details

Using this service, you receive the following benefits and opportunities:

  1. The independent management of key parameters of the initial awareness campaign
  2. Online statistics available via the API service
  3. Receiving daily reports, taking into account the time zone of the subscriber
  4. The creation/editing of different call schedules individually for each day of the week
  5. The management of contact status depending on the length of the message heard
  6. The ability to create multiple campaigns with different dialing policies such as call time, the number of repetitions, different intervals between calls depending on the subscriber’s status (phone number does not exist, does not answer, busy, rejects the call etc.)
  7. A bilateral interaction with the service via specialized application programming interface (API)
  8. The synthesis of voice fragments by textual information from the database and the ability to pronounce the amounts of arrears, deadlines for the next call and units of measurement.
  9. The possibility of a callback to clarify details through an operator at the contact center.
  10. The determining of the presence of an answering machine (with 80% accuracy)

Why choose 4Service’s IVR service?

  • Our IVR understands two-digit numbers and has the ability to score on a 10-point scale. There are no two-digit numbers on a keyboard but our IVR understands when a person enters “10”;
  • To build up a 3D client portrait
  • For NPS measurement
  • We offer our customers the provision of online research statistics within 24 hours
  • We process up to 100 sets of data at a time
  • Our IVR is cheaper than a telephone survey using operators in a call centre
  • It can be synchronized with Guest Track . IVR collects information and Guest Track analyzes the results and generates statistics in a easy to read and understandable form for our customers
  • We provide complex IVR. If a person is interested in communication, they can discuss their question with an actual call centre operator, allowing for a deeper understanding behind opinions.
  • Our Live Call Center can advise your client on IVR information.

IVR by 4Service is the best solution for mass survey or information gathering tasks. Using this tool, you can increase the speed of information transfer and customer service, therefore, having a positive impact on customer loyalty towards your company.


believe that SMS alerts are much more informative than a call from a company.



of customers consider messengers to be a modern tool for communication with a company


+ 15%

the profits of brands that have implemented personalization



of the respondents are more likely to choose the brand that offers a personalized approach

Brand Health


of millennials are bought from those they know.



of customers expect to be supported on social networks

Web Social Media


of the respondents prefer to buy using a smartphone, because it saves time

Mystery Shopping


of staff make the management or their HR manager aware of their mental health and any issues they may be experiencing with it.

Market Research


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