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Desk research is the collection, study, systematization and analysis of secondary market information obtained from available sources. During desk research, the data collected from publicly accessible sources of information (periodicals, economic publications, statistical reference books, internal reports etc.) is processed in a certain way and consolidated into a report reflecting the objective market situation.

The term of desk research came from the format and the very essence of the researcher not having to leave their desk and conduct fieldwork in order to complete the study, analysis and systematization of the existing, available information.

Desk research is conducted in cases where the information being sought is in the public domain.

Desk research allows you to collect objective indicators without using a large amount of resources.

The reasons in favor of desk research are:

  • Preliminary data analysis for the purpose of formulating tasks needed for further field research can be easily conducted
  • Lower costs than a full field study
  • Easier than a full field study when there is no need for highly accurate data (express estimation);
  • The ability to estimate the influence of factors on the research
  • Changes over time can be easily monitored if needed


  • Market research: conditions, capacity (demand), risks and opportunities;
    identify trends and possibilities of market development;
  • Analysis of competitors: number of players, free niches in the market;
    identify the structure of the market;
  • Determination of the main sales channels and promotion of products;
  • Comparative analysis of the pricing policy of the market, pricing conditions;
  • Systematization of the market proposal and evaluation of the commodity policy;
  • Review of media activities and publications;
  • Study of trends and technological development on the domestic/foreign market.

Desk research should be conducted before a product is released on a new market, with the expansion of an existing product range, with the launch of a new advertising campaign or with uneven demand.


  1. We have 19 years of expertise in conducting desk research, which allows your company to analyze data more deeply, monitor market dynamics and form the complex solutions.
  2. Our team is comprised of highly specialized analysts that work within the context of one industry.
  3. Our methods of collecting, processing, studying, systematizing and analyzing of data obtained during the research using the desk method.

Desk research is conducted once a year in order to gage the general market situation. In order to monitor the change in demand and the activity of competitors, desk research can be conducted monthly.


Competitive analysis / Competitive intelligence – processes measurements

Quantitative research is the second stage of desk research


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Brand Health


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Web Social Media


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Mystery Shopping


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Market Research


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