In depth interview In depth interview

In-depth interviews are often an unstructured personal interview which is used as a method to get detailed answers and hear arguments for /against any issues which may be of interest to the researcher. Duration: from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

In-depth interviews do not have a clear structure; so-called “multistage analysis” is often used. First, the interviewer asks general questions, and then moves on to more focused ones.

In-depth interview aims:

  • Identify insights on issues of interest;
  • Receive opinions from hard-to-reach categories of respondents;
  • Receive feedback on existing products and services;
  • Help identify the positive and negative aspects of your new products and/or services;
  • Assess the suitability of a product or service in line with market requirements;
  • Understand the reasons for audience behavior;
  • Collect non-standard opinions, attitudes, positions of the target audience
  • Find solutions for controversial situations (in-depth interviews with staff);
  • Help to identify the needs and desires of the target audience;
  • Find out what customers really think about the company;
  • See new opportunities for the development of company or individual products and services;
  • Identify hypotheses and directions for further research.

The main advantage of the in-depth interviewing tool is that it allows companies to receive feedback from consumers belonging to a target audience which is often more difficult to access. It is through in-depths interviews that you can identify hidden motives of behavior, which are sometimes even something that consumers themselves do not suspect.

Terms of in-depth interviews project – 30 working days:

10 days – preparation of the project

10 days – conducting the research

10 days – preparation of the analytical report.

In-depth interviews are more effective than focus groups provided that:

  1. Respondents are geographically separated from each other or there is a small amount of respondents
  2. The topic of discussion is complex and can only be disclosed by people with specific, unique professional knowledge and skills
  3. There is a need to conduct a survey amongst a specific target audience
  4. When it is necessary to interview respondents which have specific characteristics (eg employed in certain areas, occupy high-level positions, have a high level of income, lead an atypical lifestyle and/or, use premium goods/services.
  5. In situations where the respondent’s opinion could be suppressed by the opinion of the group (for example, in a focus group).
  6. For a deeper understanding of complex purchasing behavior (buying motives, perception, customer expectations, degree of satisfaction from the purchase)
  7. To study any confidential, sensitive, personal topics or questions

Why conduct an in-depth interview with 4Service:

  • We work across the whole country;
  • Our experts have experience in conducting in-depth interviews of varying complexity;
  • We have a coach approach that allows you to identify valuable insights in a way that is comfortable for the respondent;
  • Our team is deeply immersed in the process and the formation of a questionnaire for interviews on a case-by-case basis;
  • We offer individual consulting support from the service department;
  • We guarantee quality, which is displayed through the 100% validation of each interview.
  • We offer fast data processing and the provision of research reports.

For maximum effectiveness, in-depth interviews:

  • Often precede the quantitative stage of the research;
  • Are sometimes used in order to better explain the results of the quantitative research.



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the profits of brands that have implemented personalization



of the respondents are more likely to choose the brand that offers a personalized approach

Brand Health


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Web Social Media


of the respondents prefer to buy using a smartphone, because it saves time

Mystery Shopping


of staff make the management or their HR manager aware of their mental health and any issues they may be experiencing with it.

Market Research


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