Mystery Employee Mystery Employee

Mystery applicant

This is a way to monitor and improve your recruitment and adaptation process.  

If you lack qualified candidates, or the ones you hire do not stay long at your company, it is important to examine your company through the eyes of an applicant.

The mechanics: Under the guise of a real applicant, the agent submits his/her application to the company and goes through all the stages of recruiting.

During this process, the mystery applicant evaluates the:

  • Company presence on recruitment portals and its activity
  • Quality of the recruitment process
  • Quality of the interview and the presentation of the vacancy

And conducts a comparative analysis in comparison with the competitors.

The mystery employee evaluates the:

  • Difficulties of employment and internship
  • Adaptation and learning process
  • Interaction with the leader and mentor
  • General environment within the team
  • Violations and abuse of power

As a customer, you will receive:

  • An evaluation on the company as a whole and a more specific evaluation of one particular outlet or the outlets located in a particular region/city as well as individual categories of employees.
  • On-line statistics based on the Shopmetrics programme, complete with photo and audio interviews.Continuous monitoring of the HR managers and field managers
  • Conclusions and specific recommendations to your recruitment and hiring processes

Why choose the Mystery Applicant service from 4Service:

  • We offer a personal consultation and the expert support of HR consultants
  • We have accumulated base of well-prepared and trained agents
  • We hold additional focus groups with agents as well as personal interviews based on the results of the audit

We also have a set of tools at our disposal to help further diagnose any problems, such as: WSM (feedback given to the employer online) and the results of anonymous surveys conducted on employee satisfaction and involvement.  

Mystery applicants may also be a part of HR brand research.  

Trainings on recruiting and staff adaptation, “Director School” can be a part of the solution.


believe that SMS alerts are much more informative than a call from a company.



of customers consider messengers to be a modern tool for communication with a company


+ 15%

the profits of brands that have implemented personalization



of the respondents are more likely to choose the brand that offers a personalized approach

Brand Health


of millennials are bought from those they know.



of customers expect to be supported on social networks

Web Social Media


of the respondents prefer to buy using a smartphone, because it saves time

Mystery Shopping


of staff make the management or their HR manager aware of their mental health and any issues they may be experiencing with it.

Market Research


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