What gifts the Romanians offer on 8 March and what women really want to receive

A 4Service Romania study shows how much Romanians are willing to spend on Women’s Day and what ladies expect from them

It’s not common for women and men to have similar opinions. Especially when it comes to gifts, for International Women’s Day, in particular. A study made by the market research company 4Service Group Romania shows how much Romanian men are willing to take out of their pockets for Women’s Day, what gifts they are used to offer on this occasion and how different women’s expectations are.

Most men said they would offer something to ladies or gentlemen on March 8th. Thus, 74% will buy gifts, 16% will offer both gifts and flowers or trinkets, while 9.5% said they would be limited to flowers or trinkets. On the other hand, 68.2% of female respondents expect to receive a gift, 14% do not think they will receive more than one marriage, and, surprisingly, 17.8% do not expect to receive anything on the Day women.

Most men spend an average of 150-200 lei on a March 8 gift

As regards the recipients of flowers, gifts or marriage, the Romanians placed the family first – partner, mother, daughter. Only 10% said they would offer something to their close relatives. More men, 11.5% said they would show up at work with flowers or small gifts for colleagues. The average amount spent by 1 in 3 men is between 150 and 200 lei. One in five men intends to allocate between 200 and 500 lei for a single gift, while only 3 out of 100 Romanians will spend more than 1000 lei for a gift.

But how much would that gift cost according to the importance of ladies? According to 4Service Romania, nearly 60% of men will allocate between 150 and 200 lei for mothers, while only 48% of the wives will enjoy the same value of the gifts. Their daughters can receive a gift of 150-200 lei in almost 45% of the cases. Those who are not married but have a relationship will offer gifts of similar value in only 40% of cases. The most frequent amounts allocated to relatives, friends or work colleagues are under 50 lei, in the case of 5 out of 10 men.

Asked about the financial value of the gifts that they would like to receive on Women’s Day, nearly 60% of the ladies said it was not money but gesture. 11% of respondents would like gifts worth 200-500 lei, while 10.3% expect a gift between 50 and 150 lei.

There are few cases where the tastes of the two sexes are the same

The tastes, and especially the expectations, are different as to what women would like to receive and what presents men buy. Thus, 33% of men provide flowers, but only 26% of ladies want to receive flowers. And cosmetics are at the top of men’s preferences, with 12 percent. But only 7% of women said they would like to receive cosmetics. Their wishes are relatively close when it comes to jewelry. 11% of women would like such a gift on March 8, and 9% of men offer them, said the 4Service study.

Nearly identical answers we received about perfumes, almost 12 percent preferred, among both women and men. The situation is almost identical in accessories, with 4.9, 4.8 percent and clothes, with about 4 percent of preferences for both sexes.

But the biggest differences are with gift cards, money and marriage. Only 1.2% of men would be willing to offer money or gift cards, while 9.8% of women said they would rather prefer money to choose their own gift. The situation is similar to marriages: only 3 out of 100 women still want a marriage and 8 March, but 12% of men choose to buy and offer one. As March 8th is a good opportunity for an outing or a supper in the city, 82% of Romanians expect services, preparations or an atmosphere in tune with Women’s Day, while 8.3% do not think they will see something special. For 9.5 percent of Romanians, this does not matter. The survey was conducted in February on a sample of 169 urban people aged between 18 and 70.


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